Saturday, 10 October 2009

Number 5 - With a little creativity

OK, so this year I have fallen out of love with bookcrossing somewhat (If I am talking weirdness again check out mostly due to the lethargy of the London meetup group. So, I had kind of written off this challenge.

However, tomorrow is the last day of The Wimbledon Bookfest so I thought there must be an opportunity to do a little bookcrossing event of my own. So, I have invented not the usual OBCZ official bookcrossing zone but a pop-up version, the one day only OBCZ outside bookcrossing zone.

I hope to register 40 books and I am taking them to my local public gardens tomorrow, where I will leave them with a big sign this space.

An update & more photos to come.

Number 34 - SLAYED in the nick of time

So, I spent the night of my 40th birthday quaffing champagne, admiring my twinkling bracelet, briefly rolling on the floor in agony (but that's another story) and watching episodes 141-144 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

At 11.23pm I saw Sunnydale crumble to dust (oops sorry SPOILER) thereby closing the hellmouth and releasing Buffy from her destiny to be
the Chosen One.
[no longer to] stand alone against the vampires, the demons,
and the forces of darkness.

I feel a bit bereft now that it's over, and I need to mull a bit on the ending itself.
So here goes, donning my Captain Contentious for a moment I'l tell you what I think happened;

Buffy orchestrates and creates the final episodes to ensure that she relinquishes all her responsibilities and personal ties;
She attempts to send Dawn away with Xander
Xander loses an eye and his ex fiancee in order to keep him unattached & focused on Dawn
She rejects Giles as a figure of authority
She says a final Goodbye to Angel and kills off Spike
She returns Faith to the fold
She creates a relationship for Willow and changes her from uber witch to Goddess
She destroys Sunnydale (the world she created) and everything in it blocking up the hellmouth

So that she can return to her family. Giving up her slayer alter-ego and fighting her real mental demons.

When asked 'What will you do now Buffy?' she simply smiles enigmatically and if we were to cut away to a mental institution somewhere in LA, I think a damaged, schizophrenic teen would be opening her eyes and calling for her Mommy. I hark back of course to Episode 17 - Series 6.

Now, this of course means nothing to most of you, but is it enough to drive you out of lurkdom with a comment Mr Rider?

Anyway enough, it's over.
Buffy? Seen it!

Who's a lucky girl

Friday, 9 October 2009

Number 27 - paving my way to heaven

I have done some minor one off good deeds this year;
volunteering to cover Rachel's playtime duty
Volunteering to hear readers in Arden's year 1 class
volunteering to change nappies when it is technically not my turn :-)
volunteering to deal when I'm knocked out of poker tournaments

But these are just being 'nice', and I have received many equal and greater kindnesses in return. Volunteering in my mind should be something that goes beyond this. It is about doing something for no other purpose than for the greater good and technically should benefit someone that I don't know.

So, I have made an appointment to give blood, on Monday afternoon. This is something I have never done, for no good reason!

I've volunteered, will I be accepted? Watch this space.


It's today, my happy birthday and I feel great!
This year has been amazing. I did so many fantastic and funny things with my fantastic & funny friends.
I have several more updates to make, having completed 3 or 4 more from 'the list' and I need to do an end of year report, all this to come but at the moment my baby boy is having his nap and I am having a sneaky middle-of-the-day glass of champagne and squeezing in a couple of episodes of Buffy.

I'm cheekily giving myself another week to complete as many as possible (because my party - number 40 is next weekend) so watch this space.

With lots of birthday love.
Judi x x x

Friday, 2 October 2009

Burning the midnight oil

Willow has gone almighty evil.
Spike is in the process of regaining his soul.
Giles is back on the scene (Thank God)

And I have 1 week to watch season 7 approx 4 episodes per night to find out how the entire thing ends.
As I write I am on episode 3, could be a late one!

Sunday, 27 September 2009